2nd Generation of Stem Cell Products

SMUP-Cell : Next-generation stem cell technology platform
Advanced SMall cell(SM) combined with proprietary culture method for retaining and enhancing optimum stem cell activity throughout the repeated subculture steps, allow the production of Ultra Potent(UP) cells for large scale production.

Next generation cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells with higher efficiency and lower cost

SMUP Cell-based stem cell products in development
· SMUP-IA-01 (Intra-articular injectable treatment for osteoarthritis)
· SMUP-IV-01 (Intra-venous infusion for treatment of diabetic nephropathy)

SMUP-Cell culture process

· Intra-articular injectable treatment for osteoarthritis
· Phase 1 clinical trial ongoing in Korea

· Intra-venous infusion for treatment of diabetic nephropathy
· Phase 1 IND submission in Korea is scheduled in 2020