Stem Cells | 2008-02-01
Cytotoxicity of human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells against human malignant glioma cells.
This is a study confirming whether hUCB-MSCs without external cell activation show cytotoxicity to malignant glioma, using hUCB-MSCs with tropism toward brain tumor cells.

· Issue information | Childs Nerv Syst. 2008 Mar;24(3):293-302.
· Co-author | Kang SG, Jeun SS, Lim JY, Kim SM, Yang YS, Oh WI, Huh PW, Park CK.
Stem Cells | 2008-02-01
Immunological properties of umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stromal cells.
Explaining immunological properties of hUCB-MSCs, this study shows that hUCB-MSCs have no antigen inducing immune response and can control immune response, so they are proper to allogenic cell therapy.

· Issue information | Cell Immunol. 2008 Feb;251(2):116-23.
· Co-author | Oh W, Kim DS, Yang YS, Lee JK.
Others | 2007-10-01
Combined therapy of human cord blood cell transplantation and basic fibroblast growth factor delivery for treatment of myocardium infarction.
This study reports that transplantation of bFGF cytokine combined with hUCB-MSCs in myocardial infarction model can enhance the therapeutic effect.

· Issue information | Eur J Heart Fail. 2007 Oct;9(10):974-85.
· Co-author | Cho SW, Kim IK, Bhang SH, Joung B, Kim YJ, Yoo KJ, Yang YS, Choi CY, Kim BS.
Stem Cells | 2007-01-01
Effect of Aging on the Pluripotential Capacity of Human Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
This study is a review on clinical applicability of hUCB-MSCs, comparing differentiation ability of hUCB-MSCs according to age.

· Issue information | J Korean Orthop Assoc, 42: 701-710, 2007.
· Co-author | Jin HJ, Choi SJ, Bae YK, Lee SY, Gil MO, Park CM, Wang JH, Oh WI, Yang YS, Cho IH, Kim CG, Song HR.
Others | 2007-01-01
Efficient intracytoplasmic labeling of human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stromal cells with ferumoxides.
This study introduces ferumoxides, a substance proper to trace in vivo distribution and location of hUCB-MSCs, and its effective concentration range not inducing basic property of hUCB-MSCs.

· Issue information | Cell Transplant. 2007;16(8):849-57.
· Co-author | Lee JK, Lee MK, Jin HJ, Kim DS, Yang YS, Oh W, Yang SE, Park TS, Lee SY, Kim BS, Jeun SS.
Others | 2007-01-01
Role of Cytokines for the Treatment of Intervertebral Disc using Regenerative Medicine.
Role of Cytokines for the Treatment of Intervertebral Disc using Regenerative Medicine.

· Issue information | Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Vol.4, No.4, pp490-501 (2007).
· Co-author | Kang GS, Kim SH, Kim MS, Min BH, Lee SJ, Yang YS, Lee HB.
Stem Cells | 2006-12-01
Cotransplanted Bone Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells(MSC) Enhanced Engraftment of Hematopoietic Stem Cells in a MSC-dose Dependent Manner in NOD/SCID Mice.
This study presented results of animal experiment that co-transplantation of bone marrow derived MSCs combined with human hematopoietic cells can enhance engraftment of hematopoietic cells and effective concentration of MSCs.

· Issue information | Journal of Korean Medical Sciences 2006, 21(6): 1000~1004.
· Co-author | Kim DH, Yoo KH, Yim YS, Choi J, Lee SH, Jung HL, Sung KW, Yang SE, Oh WI, Yang YS, Kim SH, Choi SY, Koo HH.
Others | 2006-06-12
Enhancement of angiogenic efficacy of human cord blood cell transplantation by cell transplantation using matrix and combined therapy with sustained delivery of basic fibroblast growth factor.
This study identified in animal experiment that combination of bFGF in transplantation of cord blood mononuclear cells enhanced angiogenesis in ischemic limb model.

· Issue information | Tissue Engineering 2005 (accepted).
· Co-author | Cho SW, Gwak SJ, Kang SW, Bhang SH, Song KW, Yang YS, Choi CY, Kim BS.
Stem Cells | 2006-04-01
Mesenchymal stem cells feeder layer from human umbilical cord blood for ex vivo expanded growth and proliferation of hematopoietic progenitor cells.
Human umbilical cord blood has disadvantages such as delayed engraftment of neutrophils and platelets than bone marrow in transplantation of hematopoietic cells. This study presented a method to complement shortcomings of hUCB derived hematopoietic cells by using cytokine secretion ability of hUCB-MSCs.

· Issue information | Ann Hematol. 2006 Apr;85(4):212-25.
· Co-author | Yun Kyung Jang, Dai Hyun Jung, Mee Hyun Jung, Dong Hyun Kim, Keon Hee Yoo, Ki Woong Sung, Hong Hoe Koo, Wonil Oh, Yoon Sung Yang, Sung-Eun Yang.
Others | 2005-09-30
Application of Mesenchymal Stem Cell in Autoimmune Disease
Application of Mesenchymal Stem Cell in Autoimmune Disease.

· Issue information | Tissue Engineering (2005.9) pp.245-250 1738-2696 SCI(E).
· Co-author | Lee JK, Yang SE, Yang YS, Oh WI.