CARTISTEM | 2021-01-25
Allogenic umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stromal cell implantation was superior to bone marrow aspirate concentrate augmentation for cartilage regeneration despite similar clinical outcomes
CARTISTEM was more effective than BMAC augmentation for articular cartilage regeneration in high tibial osteotomy (HTO) for medial compartmental knee osteoarthritis.

· Issue information | Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2022 Jan;30(1):208-218. doi: 10.1007/s00167-021-06450-w.
· Co-author | Hong‑Yeol Yang, Eun‑Kyoo Song, Sung‑Ju Kang, Woo‑Kyoung Kwak, Joon‑Kyoo Kang, Jong‑Keun Seon
Cord Blood | 2021-01-14
High Integrity and Fidelity of Long-Term Cryopreserved Umbilical Cord Blood for Transplantation
The high-viability recovery of long-term cryopreserved CB suggests that successful hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) transplantation and other clinical applications, which are suitable for treating incurable diseases, may be performed regardless of long-term storage.

· Issue information | J Clin Med. 2021 Jan 14;10(2):293. doi: 10.3390/jcm10020293.
· Co-author | Gee-Hye Kim, Jihye Kwak, Sung Hee Kim, Hee Jung Kim, Hye Kyung Hong, Hye Jin Jin, Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, Soyoun Um
CARTISTEM | 2021-01-12
Allogeneic Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Implantation Versus Microfracture for Large, Full-Thickness Cartilage Defects in Older Patients: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial and Extended 5-Year Clinical Follow-up
In the Phase 3 clinical trial, CARTISTEM implantation showed more durable improvement of pain and function up to 5 years compared with microfracture in patients with cartilage defects with or without osteoarthritis.

· Issue information | Orthop J Sports Med. 2021 Jan 12;9(1):2325967120973052. doi: 10.1177/2325967120973052.
· Co-author | Hong-Chul Lim, Yong-Beom Park, Chul-Won Ha, Brian J Cole, Beom-Koo Lee, Hwa-Jae Jeong, Myung-Ku Kim, Seong-Il Bin, Chong-Hyuk Choi, Choong Hyeok Choi, Jae-Doo Yoo, Cartistem Research Group; Jung-Ro Yoon, Jun-Young Chung
SMUP-Cell | 2021-01-03
Senescence-Associated Secretory Phenotype Suppression Mediated by Small-Sized Mesenchymal Stem Cells Delays Cellular Senescence through TLR2 and TLR5 Signaling.
A small cell from UCB-MSCs exhibit delayed cellular senescence by inhibiting the process of TLR signaling-mediated senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP) activation.

· Issue information | Cells. 2021 Jan 3;10(1):63. doi: 10.3390/cells10010063.
· Co-author | Ji Hye Kwon, Miyeon Kim, Soyoun Um, Hyang Ju Lee, Yun Kyung Bae, Soo Jin Choi, Hyun Ho Hwang, Wonil Oh, Hye Jin Jin
Stem Cells | 2020-12-26
Prospects for the therapeutic development of umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells.
This article reviewed the current literature pertaining to the UCB-derived MSC application as potential treatment strategies, and discuss the concerns regarding the safety and mass production issues in future applications.

· Issue information | World J Stem Cells. 2020 Dec 26;12(12):1511-1528. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i12.1511.
· Co-author | Soyoun Um, Jueun Ha, Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, Hye Jin Jin
CARTISTEM | 2020-10-17
Allogeneic umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells combined with high tibial osteotomy: a retrospective study on safety and early results
CARTISTEM implantation combined with HTO for medial knee osteoarthritis was safe and showed cartilage status improvement.

· Issue information | Int Orthop. 2021 Feb;45(2):481-488. doi: 10.1007/s00264-020-04852-y.
· Co-author | Young-Woo Chung, Hong-Yeol Yang, Sung-Ju Kang, Eun-Kyoo Song, Jong-Keun Seon
CARTISTEM | 2020-07-27
Comparison of Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate and Allogenic Human Umbilical Cord Blood Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Implantation on Chondral Defect of Knee: Assessment of Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Outcomes at 2-Year Follow-Up
Implantation of BMAC or CARTISTEM is safe and effective for repairing cartilage lesion on Chondral Defect of Knee with 2 years follow-up.

· Issue information | Cell Transplant. 2020 Jan-Dec;29:1-10. doi: 10.1177/0963689720943581.
· Co-author | Dong Jin Ryu, Yoon Sang Jeon, Jun Sung Park, Gi Cheol Bae, Jeong-Seok Kim, Myung Ku Kim
Stem Cells | 2020-07-18
Galectin-3 Secreted by Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Reduces Aberrant Tau Phosphorylation in an Alzheimer Disease Model
hUCB-MSCs-secreted GAL-3 reduces Aberrant tau phosphorylation in AD model

· Issue information | Stem Cells Int. 2020 Jul 18;2020:8878412.doi:10.1155/2020/8878412
· Co-author | Hoon Lim, Dahm Lee, Wan Kyu Choi, Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, Dong Hyun Kim
CARTISTEM | 2020-06-26
High tibial osteotomy with human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells implantation for knee cartilage regeneration
Implantation of CARTISTEM with concomitant HTO is an effective treatment for improving cartilage regeneration in patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis and varus deformity.

· Issue information | World J Stem Cells. 2020 Jun 26;12(6):514-526. doi: 10.4252/wjsc.v12.i6.514.
· Co-author | Jun-Seob Song, Ki-Taek Hong, Chae-Gwan Kong, Na-Min Kim, Jae-Yub Jung, Han-Soo Park, Young Ju Kim, Ki Bong Chang, Seok Jung Kim
Others | 2020-05-28
Migration Inhibitory Factor in Conditioned Medium from Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Stimulates Hair Growth
Application of conditioned medium (CM) from human umbilical cord blood-derived MSCs (hUCB-MSCs) improved hair growth and developed a method to reliably produce this optimized CM

· Issue information | Cells, 2020 May 28;9(6):1344. doi: 10.3390/cells9061344.
· Co-author | Hyun Ah Oh, Jihye Kwak, Beom Joon Kim, Hye Jin Jin, Won Seok Park, Soo Jin Choi, Wonil Oh, Soyoun Um