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About Us

MEDIPOST’s mission is to help patients with incurable diseases and unravel unmet medical needs through stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Since its foundation in 2000, MEDIPOST has been making resilient efforts despite difficulties and challenges in the field of stem cell research and commercialization, while upholding strong corporate ethics and values. Today, MEDIPOST is leading the global stem cell therapeutics field with the world’s first regulatory-approved allogeneic human Umbilical Cord Blood-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell(hUCB-MSC) product named CARTISTEM® for patients with knee Osteoarthritis(OA), launched in Korean market in 2012.

Biotech industry, including stem cell therapeutics, is deemed to lead the advancement of Korea’s innovative future as the next growth-engine industry. MEDIPOST has been awarded with over 33 public R&D grants for commercialization of stem cell therapeutics in Korea and beyond. MEDIPOST holds a very strong sense of responsibility and pride while striving to overcome the boundaries of currently incurable diseases and unmet medical needs both in Korea and abroad, through our R&D efforts in stem cell technology and commercialization.

MEDIPOST aspires to improve the quality of lives for patients with unmet medical needs through rigorous research, development and commercialization in the field of stem cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine while maintaining strong corporate ethics and values.

CEO and President
Yang, Yoon Sun


Creating a better tomorrow through
Innovative Stem Cell Technology

MEDIPOST aspires to improve the quality of lives for patients with unmet medical needs through rigorous research, development and commercialization in the field of stem cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine.

Company History

Presented a new paradigm for treating incurable diseases with stem cell technology.

  • CELLTREE® cord blood bank was launched for private cord blood banking service (2000)
  • R&D Center for commercialization of stem cell therapeutics launched (2001)
  • Received the Best Venture Company Award by the Federation of Korean Industries (2002)
  • Appointed as a Lead Cord Blood Bank Operator by the Cell Application Project Research Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Korea (2003)
  • Received the Bronze Tower Award of Industrial Service Merit, Korea (2005)
  • Cleared first-in-human Phase 1/2 clinical trial approval of CARTISTEM® for the treatment of knee articular cartilage damage in patients with Osteoarthritis (2005)
  • Successful Initial Public Offering(IPO) on KOSDAQ (2005)

Business Overview

Commercialization of allogeneic cord blood-derived stem cell products.

MEDIPOST successfully commercialized allogeneic cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cell product named CARTISTEM®, as the world’s first regulatory approved allogeneic stem cell product approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety(MFDS) of Korea in January 2012.

CARTISTEM® is the currently only approved cell therapy product for “Treatment of repetitive and/or traumatic cartilage degeneration including degenerative Osteoarthritis(OA) without age limit” and is commercially available in Korea. In addition, Phase 1/2 (US-FDA) clinical trial of CARTISTEM® in the U.S. has been completed successfully in 2018.

PNEUMOSTEM® is currently under Phase 2 clinical trial in Korea for the “preventive treatment of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia(BPD)”, in the US, IND (Investigational New Drug) was filed with the FDA and Phase 1/2 clinical trial was completed in 2018.

MEDIPOST’s next-generation SMUP platform for stem cell products uses advanced proprietary cell selection and culture methods. Intra-articular injectable cell product (code name SMUP-IA-01) for patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) is currently in Phase 1 clinical trial in Korea. Additional SMUP platform-based cell product candidates are in development for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy and immune disorders.

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

MEDIPOST values its corporate philosophy : Respect for Life

Based on our corporate philosophy to respect the value of human lives, MEDIPOST is engaged in sponsorship and charity activities for funding biotechnology research activities for finding cures for the intractable diseases and supporting families in need.

Cord Blood Banking Sponsorships

  • Providing Cord Blood Bank services for multi-child families
  • Public Cord Blood Storage with over 10,000 units of publicly available cord blood units
  • Free Cord Blood Storage for Siblings of Children with Leukemia

Global Networks


· MEDIPOST America Inc.
9711 Washingtonian Blvd. Suite 550 Gaithersburg, MD 20878, USA

· Shandong ORLIFE Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
2957 Beitianmen Street, High-tech Zone, Taian, Shandong Province, China

· EVASTEM Co., Ltd.
Shirokanedai ST Bldg. 7F, 4-7-4 Shirokanedai Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-0071, Japan