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Welfare Benefit and Work Environment

We have great concerns on employees’ personal life as well. Through various programs and benefits, we encourage our employees’ to manage their work and life balance and support investments in their own personal life.

Sabbatical Leave
2 months of paidsabbatical leave for whohave worked for 10 years
Welfare Card
Welfare card provided whichcan be used equally as cash
Childcare Welfare
Paid shorter working hours forpre-moms, maternity/childcareleave, operating lactation room
Support Family Events
Days-off and allowancesfor the special events of employees and their family
Long-Term service reward
5 / 10 Don of gold will berewarded for each 5 / 10 years
100,000 Won voucher given onbirthday, national holidays,and the company anniversary
Housing & Vehicle
Financial support forhousing and vehicles(Employees in the sales only)
Health Management
Providing on-site fitness centerand Pilates room,free medical check-ups
Leisure Activities
Reduced price forpopular condominiums
Comfortable Work Space
New office building in Pangyowith spacious working area
Company Restaurant
Company restaurants for a convenient and healthy meal
Other Welfare Benefits
Taxi fare support for overtime,In-company café and specialdiscount for company products