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CEO Greetings

MEDIPOST is conquering incurablediseases through stem cell therapy

Since its foundation, the company has stayed on the right course in the midst of countless adversities in stem cell industry and through years of cutting-edge research, MEDIPOST has taken a dominating step in the global biomedical field by achieving market approval of the world’s first allogeneic stem cell drug – CARTISTEM®, in Korea.

Biotechnology is believed to be one of the leading industries which will provide a springboard for korea’s future economic growth. We at MEDIPOST, will continue to do our very best to overcome the current limitations of the treatment paradigm for incurable diseases and find new and innovative therapeutic solutions to meet the unmet medical needs. Our efforts and advancements in stem cell-based technologies will help excel korea’s biotechnology industry and place Korea at the front in the global industry of regenerative medicine.

MEDIPOST promises to grow into a respected company that protects precious lives by placing a high priority on human dignity and value of life. We shall always walk the path of goodness and righteousness that we can go with many people.

메디포스트(주) 대표이사 양윤선

CEO and PresidentYang, Yoon SunMEDIPOST Co., Ltd.

Company Vision

A better tomorrow through True Innovation in Biotechnology

While placing the highest value on lives of people, MEDIPOST has continued to challenge itself through relentless R&D efforts centered on stem cell-based therapeutics and bring next-generation medicines to everyone.

Global leader in biotechnology
with world-class stem cell
Providing total solution for
health & longevity
Contributing on improving
the quality of life
Core Value
Customer-oriented: Care for Life
Value Creation and TrustTalent-oriented: Challenge,Innovation and Passion


ci소개 이미지입니다. ci소개 이미지입니다.

The motif of the MEDIPOST CI is based on the structure of DNA.
DNA stores genetic information of life.

Just as many living organisms are inherited and prospered by the mother’s genetic traits, DNA in our logo delivers a visually diversified, yet consistent brand image that contains our core value.