Creating a New History of Biotechnology with Innovations Beyond Current Limits

Presented a New Paradigm for
Treatment of Incurable Diseases

  • Launch of CELLTREE®, a Cord Blood Bank No.1 in Cord Blood Storage Unit in Korea No.1 in Transplantation Supply in Korea
  • Listed on KOSDAQ
  • Awards :
  • “Best Venture Business” by FKI (2002)
    “Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit” (2005)
  • Received ‘Bronze Tower’, the Order of Industrial Service Merit
  • Approval of clinical trials for CARTISTEM®, the therapeutic products for Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • Listed in KOSDAQ

2005 연혁이미지

  • Commissioned for ‘Cord Blood Bank Operation’ by Stem Cell Research Center in the Ministry of Science & Technology

  • Selected for ‘Best Venture’ by the Federation of Korean Industry

  • Established the Biotechnology Research Institute

  • Founded MEDIPOST and Launched Celltree® a Cord Blood Banking Services

2000 연혁이미지

Overcame the Limit of Incurable Disease
through Cutting-edge Stem Cell Technologies

  • Development of Cord Blood Stem Cell Drug CARTISTEM®, treatment for Osteoarthritis PNEUMOSTEM®, treatment for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia NEUROSTEM®, treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Korea’s First Successful Clinical Transplantation of Cord Blood for Cerebral Palsy
  • Awareded :
  • “Definitive Innovation in Biotechnology” by Asia Innovation Conference (2009)
  • Approval of Phase 1 clinical trial of PNEUMOSTEM®, treatment for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
  • Implemented the Korea’s first successful clinical transplant of stored umbilical cord blood unit for the treatment of cerebral palsy
  • Awareded ‘Definitive Innovation in Biotechnology’ selected at the Asia Innovation Conference
  • Selected as 'an Excellent Achievement in National R&D' by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
  • Started supplying cord bloods for transplantation to overseas First in Korea
  • Released Movita® Health Supplement
  • Consulted the establishment of the Seoul Municipal Cord Blood Bank
  • Opened a Seoul GMP Stem Cell Drug Manufacturing Facility
  • 2006 연혁이미지

Became a Global Pioneer with
Its Unrivaled Stem Cell Technologies

  • Clinical Development in the Global Market Completed Clincal Trials in U.S. (CARTISTEM®/PNEUMOSTEM®) Established Joint-Ventures for Global Clinical Development Orphan Drug Designation in U.S. and E.U. (PNEUMOSTEM®)
  • Diversification of Stem Cell Technology-based Businesses NGF37 - Bio Cosmetics from Stem Cell Conditioned Media MOVITA® - Health Supplements for Families
  • Awarded : “Grand Prize” At The 1st Korea New Drug Awards (2013)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Drug 'NEUROSTEM' Approved by FDA for Clinical Trials.
  • Patent for Optimized Stem Cell Conditioned Media for alopecia treatment.
  • Exceeded 5000 vials of Sales of CARTISTEM®, the therapeutic products for Osteoarthritis (OA)
  • ‘New Excellent Technology’ Certificate for Stem Cell Conditioned Media by MOHW.
  • Launched ‘NGF37 Total Solution Synergy Ampoule’ on TV home shopping
  • Awarded ‘Fronst & Sullivan Korea Excellent Award’ in 2016
  • Started development of a drug for intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) of premature infants (jointly with Samsung Medical Center and Donga ST)
  • Completed extended follow-up clinical studies for CARTISTEM®
  • Appointed as ‘Excellent Employment Company for women’ in Gyeonggi-do
  • Completed phase 2 clinical trials for PNEUMOSTEM®
  • Received ‘Orphan drug Designation’ for PNEUMOSTEM® by EMA (European Medicines Agency)
  • Exceeded 200,000 units of cord blood storage capacity, First in Korea
  • Established ‘Shandong ORLIFE Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.,’ a joint venture company in China
  • Appointed as the national supervising organization for ‘Global Advanced Biopharmaceutical Technology Development Project’
  • Launch of Cellpium®, a bio cosmetics from the culture media of cord blood-derived stem cells
  • 2015 연혁이미지

  • Moved to MEDIPOST head office building in Pangyo Technovalley in Gyeonggi-do
  • Approval of phases 1 & 2 clinical trials for PNEUMOSTEM® by the US FDA
  • Received ‘Orphan drug Designation’ for PNEUMOSTEM® by Ministry of Drug & Food Safety Korea
  • Approval of phase 1/2a clinical trial for NEUROSTEM®
  • Received ‘Orphan Drug Designation’ for PNEUMOSTEM® by the US FDA
  • Awarded ‘Excellent Award’ from Ministry of Food & Drug Safety’s Award in the 1st Korea New Drug Grand Prize
  • 2013 연혁이미지

  • Market-approval and release of CARTISTEM®, the World’s First allogeneic cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cell drug
  • Concluded the First export contract for stem cell drug in Korea
  • Selected as ‘an excellent achievement in governmental R&D’ by the National Science & Technology Commission
  • Invited to the 7th World Stem Cell Summit
  • Approval of clinical trials by the US FDA for CARTISTEM® as the world’s first cord blood-derived stem cell drug
  • Approval of phase 1 clinical trial for NEUROSTEM®, targeting Alzheimer’s disease
  • 2011 연혁이미지