Business Introduction

Accomplishing the Innovation through
Stem Cell Applied Technologies

With its innovative business model, MEDIPOST stands out amongst many Korean companiesand their successis comparable to that of Apple in the U.S.”

Raffi Amit, the World-Renowned Master of Creative Business,Entrepreneurship Weekly International Conference, 2010

MEDIPOST has accomplished the Innovation through Stem Cell Applied technologies.


  • Stem Cell Therapeutics
    Development of Cord Blood Derived Stem Cell Drugs

    MEDIPOST developed the World’s First allogeneic stem cell drug, CARTISTEM®, and obtained market-approval from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in January 2012. CARTISTEM®is a therapeutics that regenerates defected knee cartilage due to degeneration or repetitive trauma. Phase 1 & 2a clinical trials are ongoing in the U.S. Clinical trials for PNEUMOSTEM®, a therapeutics for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and NEUROSTEM®, which is for Alzheimer’s Disease are also ongoing and Preclinical studies on diabetic nephropathy and other various immune disorders are in progress as well.

  • Cord blood bank
    Celltree®, Korea’s leading cord blood bank

    Umbilical Cord Blood, blood of the umbilical cord of newborn infants, is recognized as a precious life resource for containing stem cells which can be used to treating incurable diseases Based on MEDIPOST’s cutting-edge Stem Cell technology, CELLTREE® boasts a unique and thorough management for extraction, storage, and transplantation of the UCB- SCs. Celltree®expertise and technology is proven by the largest market share and the top transplantation ratio in disease treatment.

  • Health Supplements
    Movita®, a customized nutritional solution

    Movita®provides a smart nutrition solutions tailored to the lifecycle for the family’s precious health and wellbeing. Since Movita®’s product portfolio contains the best core ingredients that is systematically arranged according to age, gender and different lifecycle phases, it helps to maintain the wellbeing of your family and stay healthy. The products are formulated by our former medical doctor CEO and manufactured to meet Korean nutrition standard, so pregnant women and their babies can take MOVITA® safely.