A Bio Cosmetics from Stem Cell Culture Media, CELLPIUM®


CELLPIUM® is a bio cosmetics of MEDIPOST, a global front runner of bioengineering and regenerative medicine. Through NGF37TM, the culture media from cord blood-derived stem cells that possesses pure and powerful life-bearing energy of newborn stem cells, CELLPIUM® helps to rejuvenate
the innate beauty of the human skin. With CELLPIUM®, experience another level of cell science.

As a tiny seed blooms into beautiful flowers,
the beauty of the skin begins with
CELLPIUM®’s multi-bio complex, NGF37TM

NGF37TM, Newborn Growth Factor, enables to regrow the
innate healthiness of the skin. The extract from natural lotuscallus culture gives strength to maintain the skin health.

NGF37TM 화장품

Characteristics of NGF37TM

NGF37TM is the culture media from umbilical cord blood stem cells integrated with MEDIPOST’s cutting-edge stem cell technology.
In the culture media, a concentrate of life-bearing energy exists in the form of 37 different skin growth factors,
which respond immediately to skin troubles and help rebirth of the skin.

Newborn Growth Factor37

Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media
Trade Name
NGF37TM(Newborn Growth Factor37)

A composition of cord blood-derived stem cell culture media which integrates 37 different skin growth factors from newborn stem cells by MEDIPOST’s advanced stem cell technology.

  • Brightening
    (patent application)
  • Strengthening
    Skin barrier
  • Giving vitality
    to Skin
  • Arranging
    Skin Texture
  • Helping Skin
limited to characteristics of the raw materials

NGF37TM delivers only true and pure vitality of stem cells

Natural Production (Growth factor naturally secreted from stem cells)
Natural Combination (Ideal Combination method of Growth factors created by stem cells)

NGF37TM, a multi-bio complex, rich in natural growth factors without any artificial combination or production

NGF37TM’s Growth Factor Expression Test

In the culture media of cord blood-derived stem cells,37 different skin growth factors such as EGF, TGF and SCF express themselves abundantly and distinctly.

Expression Comparison Results from MEDIPOST BRI

  • basic culture media
  • other tissue-derived culture media
  • cord blood-derived stem cell culture media

Brightening Test on NGF37TM

The 37 different growth factors in the next-generation Bio Complex NGF37TM makes the skin purer and clearer.
As a result of the experiment, NGF37TM has been proved to improve brightening the skin.

Observation on 3D Artificial Skin’s Outer Shape
Change in 3D Artificial Skin Brightening
Patent Application Completed
Patent Application: Whitening function of small-sized stem cell